Vibrancy key to improving Subi

City of Subiaco Mayor Heather Henderson said although it was important to learn from the City of Perth’s achievements, in many ways their ‘ducks had lined up at once’.

‘Some of the terrific projects she mentioned were pre-planned by the Barnett Government,’ Mrs Henderson said.

‘There is certainly an element of them being in the right time and right place.

‘Many of her suggestions were similar to what Subiaco has already done, such as our lane activation philosophy and commitment to public art. If you look at what we’ve achieved in public art over the last 12 months, you would be gobsmacked.’

Mrs Henderson said the next project the City was looking at was the total revitalisation of Rokeby Road.

‘We are looking at specific sections of the street and getting it all up and running with new furniture, new lights and new services,’ she said.