Vince Garreffa raises $19,000 for Lifeline WA by getting ponytail chopped

Vince and Anne Garreffa. Picture: Matt Jelonek d480544
Vince and Anne Garreffa. Picture: Matt Jelonek d480544

VINCE Garreffa’s ponytail is worth $19,000, according to punters at this year’s annual Lifeline WA Brunch held on Sunday.

The Mondo Butchers owner who hosts the event at his Mt Lawley house every year, said a guest got jealous of his trademark ponytail and offered money to have it chopped off.

Garreffa said he was willing to counter offer to keep his locks until 68 people agreed to pay $100 each to see the ponytail gone.

“Then one bloke said he’d pay $6000 to cut it, another pledged $6000 to help and someone else pledged money to stand and watch,” he said.

“The guy chopping it had had a few drinks and we wouldn’t have let him drive a car but we allowed him to wield a machete on my head.”

Despite the initial surprise then shock, Garreffa said it was all for a great cause and contributed to the $452,000 that was raised on the day.

“Now I’m in two minds whether to grow it again or get the square back and sides,” he said.

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