WA Election: Marmion mulls his next move

Nedlands MLA Bill Marmion.
Nedlands MLA Bill Marmion.

NEDLANDS MLA Bill Marmion says only “something really serious” would cause his early departure from State Parliament after the shock loss of many of his Liberal colleagues last Saturday.

“I’ve been elected for four years, and it would have to be a serious situation for me not to go the full term,” Mr Marmion said.

“But I know there’s a lot of pressure for me to hang around and go on for another four years.”

With 65 per cent of his electorate’s vote counted yesterday, he had 58.89 per cent of the two-party preferred result.

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Mr Marmion will be 66 at the next election and he said it would be up to his family to decide if he left the job early.

He said Parliament would now be “really bad” for his party because Labor’s large majority allowed it to win every vote.

“I’ll be disappointed about the (cancellation) of Roe 8 and 9, and really sorry for all the people around Leach Highway and South Street who will still have 60,000 cars and 70,000 trucks going opposite there,” he said.

Mr Marmion said the One Nation preference deal had not been explained well to the public, but during doorknocking he had received positive reactions when he told voters the Queensland-based party was third-last above the Greens and Labor.