WA Police to get iPhones in $8 million deal

The iPhone 11. Photo: Getty
The iPhone 11. Photo: Getty

WA Police’s frontline officers will be given new iPhones to help them fight crime, with the State Government signing an $8 million deal with Telstra.

Sixty iPhone 11’s have this week been issued to officers, with a further 3000 to be delivered by Christmas.

The phones are equipped with crucial WA Police Force functions, meaning every officer will effectively have the resources of a computer at their fingertips.

The apps will allow officers to perform identity checks, search the police database, capture evidence and report crimes.

The devices are fitted with a ‘duress’ function, which communicates an alert to the State Operations Command Centre providing the officer’s location.

Other apps are in development which will allow officers to take statements in the field and eventually write and post traffic infringements, all with the touch of a button.

“These devices will ensure our officers have fast access to information and intelligence in the field, and support them to do their jobs more effectively,” Police Minister Michelle Roberts said.

“Our Government is … ensuring that a modern Police Force is ready and equipped with the tools they need to keep us safe.”