Walkway fails to get off the ground

Walkway fails to get off the ground

Stop the Boardwalk Action Group spokeswoman Robyn Murphy said the group was delighted with the news.

‘It has taken two years of hard work by our group, environmental groups and local residents to convince the council that this Bush Forever coastal dune reserve was not the location for a boardwalk.

‘The idea that building an aluminium boardwalk and concrete path through this fragile, narrow dune reserve was flawed from the start,’ Ms Murphy said.

Councillor Bill Stewart said although he saw some issues with the boardwalk running through the centre of the reserve, he believed building a boardwalk next to the existing pathway would be an acceptable compromise, but voted against the proposal in the end.

Cr Stewart said the plan to construct a boardwalk following the existing path would be more environmentally sustainable than the boardwalk action group’s proposal of expanding the path.

The public area was packed last Tuesday night as the proposal was voted on, with an eruption of applause when the council voted against it eight to two.

Ms Murphy said it was now up to the Stirling Council to continue to protect the reserve.

‘We look forward to the City, as custodians of this regionally and locally significant coastal reserve, taking action to protect its environment, landscape, flora and fauna.’