Warning on new Subi branding

Although the council later unanimously approved the report to endorse the new ‘See Subiaco’ brand and encourage businesses to use it in their own promotions, Cr Julie Matheson said she was concerned that the wording might send the wrong message.

“I wonder if the right order is that you create vibrancy and then you create the brand?” Cr Matheson said.

“I’m hesitant about creating a brand without the substance and the personality; it’s too early to go out with this.”

The City of Subiaco recently appointed Perth advertising agency The Hub to work with local business representatives from the Subiaco Town Centre Network and develop the new brand identity.

Cr Mark Burns said the ‘See Subiaco’ branding was in danger of repeating past marketing mistakes.

“Visit Subiaco was a disaster because it told people what to do,” he said. “We are exaggerating what we are, and exaggerating in marketing is very dangerous. ‘Visit Vibrant’? We know right now that we are not vibrant. We’re getting there, but not yet.”

Subiaco chief executive Don Burnett said there would be negative ramifications if councillors rejected the item.

“The first thing we would have to do is go into damage control with the media for not adopting a brand,” he said.

“This has gone through the Subiaco Town Centre Network and there are quite positive vibes out there. We could show some leadership on this one.”

Cr Lynley Hewett said she supported the new branding.

“We have a business network and CEO that have done a lot of work on this,” she said.

“Are we going to kneecap them on day one? Support it, give them a hand and encourage business.”