Westside Wolves asked to contribute to funding new facilities on Swanbourne Reserve

Westside Wolves asked to contribute to funding new facilities on Swanbourne Reserve

THE Department of Sport and Recreation has talked to premier hockey club Westside Wolves about funding new facilities on beachside Swanbourne Reserve, near Allen Park in Swanbourne.

“The department’s facilities division has advised the Westside Wolves of the CSRFF funding process should they wish to proceed,” department facilities director Rob Didcoe said.

Mr Didcoe said State Government funding required that clubs “engage with us before submitting applications” so they understand planning, funding eligibility and if a project should be sent to LotteryWest or councils for financing.

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Nedlands Council is conducting a master plan for Allen Park and Mr Didcoe said the council was the best way of furthering any discussions about a hockey facility on the reserve.

“We haven’t seen a formal proposal, so it’s difficult to comment on merit, but the CSRFF program has previously supported appropriately planned synthetic hockey facilities, such as Whitfords Hockey Club and Melville,” Mr Didcoe said.

Westside Wolves president Keith Walker said the Swanbourne-based club had held several meetings with the council, which had shown interest in a facility, but there was no solid proposal.

He said the club did not have any project details or costs, and “just wanted to build a hockey stadium”, and a sub-committee was working on any proposal being a single- or multi-sport facility, or none at all, and therefore he could not comment on any |carparking implications.

Nedlands deputy mayor Bill Hassell said any proposal for the reserve would only be considered if it had community support, and it was “not likely” the council would “take a chunk out of the park” unless any proponents had ratepayers’ support.

The Claremont-based Dolphins water polo proposed a swimming pool at the former Swanbourne Bowling Club 15 months ago.

Dolphins special projects manager Phil Scales said the proposal stalled after the council suggested greater facilities than those needed by the club.

Mr Scales said there had been no talks with the Wolves about a joint proposal for the reserve.