Works begin to repair iconic Cottesloe pylon

The semi-submersible barge. Photo: Jon Bassett
The semi-submersible barge. Photo: Jon Bassett

COTTESLOE Council has started part of the work to restore the iconic pylon at Cottesloe Beach by using a semi-submersible barge anchored offshore on Tuesday.

A council spokeswoman said anchors for the at-risk pylon would be installed until the barge leaves on Saturday.

She said buoys 50m from the pylon marked an exclusion zone for swimmers and those enjoying other water activities.

The semi-submersible barge. Photo: Jon Bassett

The council’s $243,000 project is planned to fix all the erosion that has undermined the 1930s-built pylon and protect it for another 25 years.

This is the second round of work after the Federal Government and Lotterywest provided $117,000 for repairs from when the structure toppled in a 2009 storm

Last month the council agreed to probe public opinion on replacing the pylon with a sculpture or diving pontoon if residents favour getting rid of the expensive-to-maintain structure.

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