Youth festival welcomed

‘The council always supports young people and events, so it’s good to see,’ Mr Barker said.

‘No doubt the behaviour will be exemplary.’

Good Life is a spin-off of Future Music that will be at Arena Joondalup on Sunday, March 2. The venue change from Arena Joondalup to the showground allows Soundwave Festival promoter AJ Maddah to move his March 3 show to Arena Joondalup, which hosted the final Big Day Out (BDO) this month.

Mr Maddah and the Royal Agricultural Society (RAS) failed to reach an agreement to host the 2014 BDO at the showground so it was moved to Arena Joondalup at the eleventh hour.

At the time, RAS chief executive Martin Molony said it was unlikely that Soundwave would take place at the showground.

However, Soundwave and Good Life share a date, leading to the venue change for the latter.

RAS chief operating officer Peter Cooper said the showground was the safest venue in the state so was ideal for the 17-and-under festival.

Mr Cooper said it would give young people an opportunity to watch artists they would otherwise not get to see. He said the RAS was keen to establish an ongoing relationship with Good Life.