Zach, Jack a great team

Constable Zach Barry and his horse Jack on patrol.
Constable Zach Barry and his horse Jack on patrol.

Taking a break from patrols on December 14 during special police Operation Unite, Const Barry said he and horse Jack made a formidable team patrolling major events, festivals and protests across the State.

‘Pretty quickly, you get to know instinctively how your horse is feeling,’ he said.

‘There has to be a lot of trust between us because being out in Northbridge isn’t exactly a natural environment for them.

‘Together we are a commanding presence ” the horses can instantly change the mood of a crowd. Working in the mounted police really reminds you how incredible these animals are.’

Const Barry said he grew up riding horses and competed in eventing and jumping.

‘When the opportunity came up to join earlier this year, all those memories of riding came up again,’ he said.

‘We make a really solid partnership.

‘I suppose we are similar to the guys in dog squad, except they get to take their dogs home with them.

‘I don’t think the wife would be too happy if Jack turned up in the back yard.’