Closing schools just creates problems

Back in the 90s, he and his government successfully shut down four of our great western suburbs high schools ” Hollywood, City Beach, Swanbourne and Scarborough.

With much-heated objection from the parents and pupils, the proposal bulldozed ahead.

The new Shenton College was going to be the answer to all our so-called under-used schools, but what has happened?

As Barnett and his government were warned what would happen, Shenton College is full to bursting and poor old Churchlands can’t put anymore demountables on its grounds.

If anything can be learnt from this, it is ‘don’t mess with our schools’. Population demographics within suburbs continually change.

Closing schools will create the exact problem we now have in our area.

Our Government needs to invest everything into educating our children, before quays and sports stadiums.

Education must always be the priority because those graduates will look after the future of our State and they need to be smarter than who we have working for us now.