Concerns brushed aside

It is a bit late for Mrs Somerford to say that she was not warned.

Contrary to what the experts said, a group of local residents of Jolimont had repeatedly tried to draw the attention of the powers that be towards the lack of parking and pitfalls in the planning of the sports complex.

Their concerns and comments were brushed aside by the Town of Cambridge, the WA Planning Commission and the Perth Netball Association.

It is too late now to say that they have been overwhelmed by the staggering increase in the numbers. All I can say is that wait until all the other sports take up residence there and see the proverbial hit the fan then.

I am disappointed by the lack of foresight in the planning authorities, the Town of Cambridge and the various sports bodies, but most of all in the State Government.

The last named seems to be excelling itself in poor planning and execution everywhere in this, what was once our lovely city.