Damage to suburbs

I am afraid one big council will be the end of my access to any decision making. My say in anything to do with my suburb is likely to cease.

I strongly object to removal of the Dadour amendment.

Do I care? Deeply. Once our suburbs are destroyed, we cannot undo the damage.

I understand and agree there must be (re)development in the suburbs, but I strongly disagree with all the secrecy and lack of transparency.

The resulting buildings are huge, square, angular blocks of concrete, glass and aluminium with no respect to the heritage of the suburbs.

Am I concerned about services and rates?Absolutely.

I think that the services can be pooled and improved within the suburbs without their amalgamation.

The rates are likely to go up after amalgamation. The Premier and Mr Simpson promise it will not happen. They also promised forced amalgamations would not happen either ” so what?

Above all, I am concerned about the alarmingly high and rising State debt: who will service it and from what assets?

Will I just deal with it? I do not necessarily think I am right, but I yet need to be convinced that this is a right thing to do.

I would love to see the statistics, figures, balances, but business ones, not self-serving generalised statements and promises.

I do not believe it is right to rule by decrees.