Leave beach in natural state

A pool would take up a great deal of this protected space.

Where would all the schools and hundreds of VacSwim children in the holidays go when they are taught to swim in the sea, to get used to the waves, tides and currents and are accordingly safer when swimming?

There certainly would not be room for all of them and their dedicated teachers in a pool and not enough shallow, sheltered sea remaining without the huge waves that roll in further from the groyne.

In the western suburbs there are marvellous facilities for the disabled and shark-fearing swimmers: large, heated open-air pools with equipment and supervisors.

Apart from the expense and maintenance of a sea pool, consideration must be given to the irregular behaviour of the tides, shifting sands and wild winter and spring weather.

The risk posed by sharks is infinitesimal compared with other life-threatening aspects of our daily life.

A fatality occurred when the victim was in the sea at a recognisably dangerous time: during the early morning and in the migratory period for whales and seals with their young, followed by their natural predators, the sharks.

On behalf of sea swimmers (including the sharks), please leave the sea and shore in its natural state.