Opinion: families trying to save their children from the curse of addiction need our support

Subiaco mayor Penny Taylor.
Subiaco mayor Penny Taylor.

In a letter to the Western Suburbs Weekly, City of Subiaco Mayor Penny Taylor is looking at the big picture for the best use of the former Ronald McDonald House.
She is speaking on behalf of herself, not the council.

I extensively canvassed the City of Subiaco residents and ratepayers about their priorities and concerns.

The blight of meth addiction and the lack of rehabilitation services came up again and again as a major issue.

Some residents have taken the City to the Supreme Court over the Fresh Start Lodging House because they say they don’t want mediation or a discussion about how to make it work for them, they just don’t want it.

I was elected mayor six weeks ago, so I can’t comment on what went on before.

However, many in the community tell me that using the former Ronald McDonald House to provide a much needed service for WA families is common sense.

What a waste if it was knocked down and made into flats.

Families mortgage houses to help their children beat addiction.

Every addict rehabilitated is an enormous saving to our community.

Being a civic leader means leading for the whole community and that is why no civic leader should flat out dismiss the idea of Fresh Start’s Lodging House.

Families trying to save their children from the curse of addiction need our support.

And the real concerns of residents need to be addressed.

I hope concerned residents talk to the City about the very many things that can be done to allow them to feel comfortable and confident about the operation of Fresh Start in their neighbourhood.

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