Opinion: Humans the greatest predators

Humans are the greatest predators of all
Humans are the greatest predators of all

Re Maureen Gordon’s letter, I can no longer contain my silence concerning sharks versus humans?


I’m quite sick of these people who think that sharks have a right to attack us in shallow waters ie, beaches, where they don’t belong.

They belong to the dinosaur era as the crocodile does, but somehow they survived the huge meteor hitting Earth and altering the climate and tilting the planet off its axis millions of years ago.

We are the ‘ultimate predator’ on this planet without a doubt. Henry David Thoreau once said “Man is the most savage creature on this planet”.

But currently we are gutless wimps here in WA, courtesy of our pathetic Government of course, who don’t represent public opinion at all.

A man-eating lion in Africa for instance would be got rid of smartly, I can tell you.

Who is the idiot that put Great Whites on the endangered/protected list? We beach lovers need to be protected now.

Philip Jones,