Opinion: Mum wants Red Cross program re-instated

I am a mum of three kids with special needs who access the Red Cross community services based at Lady Lawley in Cottesloe.

We have just been informed that the community access services are being terminated. There are over 80 families that access this service. The kids are taken out on outings and have four camps a year of five days during the school holidays.

So now we have to try find a new provider that can provide services as near to what we have as possible. We may or may not be able to take our carers with us and all our co-ordinators, who are the most amazing people I have met, will lose their jobs.

We have been with Red Cross for over seven years and our kids love the socialising at the camps.

So my question to Red Cross is why are you taking all this away from our kids, our carers and us?

Please reconsider and keep this program going. We have been loyal to you over the years. Please return the favour.