Premier’s priorities all wrong

He has the wrong priorities and does not represent the needs or wants of the people. He continues with his own ridiculous agenda, regardless of overwhelming rejection by the people of WA.

Mr Barnett seems to favour the very wealthy rather than the average taxpayer. This is made obvious by his determination to see high-rise buildings erected at the Cottesloe beach front and many large office towers erected on Perth’s waterfront.

He won’t be getting my vote because he is pushing hard for high rise at Cottesloe’s beach front, despite the vast majority of residents not wanting such development.

Besides casting huge morning shadows, it will detract from the character and relaxed lifestyle of Cottesloe beach.

His plans for Perth’s Elizabeth Quay waterfront development have been recently studied and torn apart by renowned architects.

The highly flawed plans are elitist at best with hardly any areas for the general public. It’s more like a playground for the rich, including up-market cafes and restaurants, penthouse apartments and a jetty for those who can afford boats.

Redirecting Riverside Drive through the city will gridlock the city with traffic and adding a lane to the Graham Farmer tunnel isn’t a realistic solution.

In addition, Mr Barnett wants to bring nuclear power plants to WA and hopes to build a gas hub in the pristine wilderness of the Kimberley.