Rare chance to wreck Subiaco forever

Rare chance to wreck Subiaco forever

There have been two front-page features in a row in the paper and not one detracting comment.

Even the editor’s comment piece last week states the development ‘should be worth the wait’.

Hindsight is a marvellous thing and we can all be right when we look back at something.

Foresight is something else and Ms Cahill gives us the impression there will be nothing to worry about, but what if she is wrong? What if the ‘vitality’ proponents such as Roberts Day planning firm partner and managing director Deon White keeps talking about doesn’t happen?

What if the flow-on effect from this high-rise turns out to be a row of empty shops beneath an ugly block of flats?

I foresee this development as being a one-in-a-100-year chance to wreck the city forever.