Restricted parking deters customers

The caf� has permits to trade until 7pm but their customers can’t park there after 4pm. The council should make up its mind and either shorten the caf�’s trading hours or extend the street parking time so they correspond.

On Sunday, March 3, three parking inspectors booked about 10 vehicles just after 4pm that were parked in John Street. This $150 fine added considerably to the cup of coffee that my wife and I had.

Six of the caf� patrons were booked and no sooner than the tickets were issued that we all got up and left, leaving the caf� empty.

It is my understanding that the planning codes necessitate all residential developments to have at least one undercover parking bay and one visitor bay within their property boundaries.

Looking at the size of dwellings in John Street they all seem to have ample off-street parking so why the special privilege of priority on the street as well?

The amount of the fine is also out of proportion to the offence since it doesn’t inconvenience anyone or impede traffic flows.

The City of Perth fine for parking in a clearway, a most serious offence, is only $120.

Making money from parking fines is a poor way to promote Cottesloe. I look forward to Mr. Barnett’s amalgamation of smaller councils.