Something’s cooking

With the recent elevation of cooking shows finally we have something other than wall-to-wall sport to watch on the box.

A notable difference between the two is that whilst competing in the various televised sports is almost exclusively the domain of white males in their mid-20s, the opportunity to participate in the wave of cooking shows does not seem to be dictated by age, gender or heritage.

I do accept that without the profile of televised sport and trickle-down effect of funds to the juniors, children’s participation in sport would be the loser.

For the most part, the closest the average viewer of a game of footy gets to participation is to turn to his mates on the couch, beer in hand and say ‘yeah if it wasn’t for my (knee, back.. insert your own) I could’ve done that’.

Whereas viewers of a cooking show can realistically take what they just learned and apply it in their own kitchen.

One area of the article that I do take particular exception to is the claims of TV cooking being over-sexualised.

Now I admit that Matt Preston is a handsome man, but if watching muscular, glistening young men rolling in the mud chasing after a leather ball and grabbing at each other isn’t a bit erotic and kinky, I don’t know what is.

Fair suck of the sauce bottle Phil, leave Jamie and friends alone.