The Great Debate: Are gift cards okay to give as a gift?

Should we put more thought into a gift than a gift card?
Should we put more thought into a gift than a gift card?

EVERY week we debate the topics that drive you nuts – this week we asked should gift cards should be given as gifts?


Carly Pilton, Editorial Designer

Absolutely yes! It’s my go-to. I’ve even extended it to kids now.

When my kids get invited to birthday parties, instead of buying yet another Lego set for someone (mum) to step on when it gets old (about 2 seconds after building it), I now buy a gaming gift card to help ease the financial burden of buying ‘V-Bucks’ for their kids.

Everyone wins!

Parents don’t have to shell out to keep the kids from nagging and kids can spend it on the latest Fortnite skin.


Lynn Grierson, Sub-editor

When someone gives me a gift card as a present, I fake a show of gratitude and a smile because anything less would be ungrateful.

It’s not that I’m unappreciative, but I am disappointed at the lack of thought.

I’d rather receive a homemade treat than a plastic card telling me how much someone has spent.

I don’t care about the value of the gift.

I do care about how much a person values our friendship and a thoughtful, homemade gift is always priceless.