The Great Debate: Should men still open doors for women?

Should men open doors for women?
Should men open doors for women?

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Cobus Bothma, IT Manager 

Absolutely! Some people may feel the traditional custom does not have a place in a modern society.

Yes, women are perfectly capable of opening doors for themselves, but that does not mean men should not.

I would argue that not only is it good manners but a kind gesture and a sign of respect and courtesy.

I strongly believe chivalry is not dead and the art of being a gentleman is not lost to the ages.

I will continue to open doors for women.


Kyle Hams, Real Estate Account Manager 

This antiquated tradition of women receiving special deference based on their gender is, in my opinion, out-dated and demeaning.

Politeness would dictate that if a person was walking through the same door as you, perhaps you should let them enter/exit first and follow behind them.

However, I believe there is a difference in being polite and unintentional condescendence.

The modern woman is empowered and strong and does not need a man to open doors for her.