The Great Debate: Should you split the bill on a first date?

First date etiquette: should the bill be shared?
First date etiquette: should the bill be shared?

Each week we debate the topics that drive you nuts. This week we asked if people should split the bill on their first date.


Aaron Corlett, Reporter

The dating rulebook was written before gender equality became a part of the modern discourse.

Now it just seems old-fashioned for guys to pay for the first date, especially as both parties have an equal stake in the budding relationship.

Splitting the bill shows that both people are on the same footing.

A nice way to go about things is for one person to pay for dinner and the other pays for dessert or drinks afterwards.

There was a time when the majority of the time it was just guys asking out girls but in the Tinder age, it works both ways.


Sara Fitzpatrick, Features Writer 

People balk at the idea of tradition these days.

It’s just not considered “cool” but I think a little tradition is, well – nice.

I’m not saying all women should take their husband’s names or expect men to open doors but let’s let men show a little command and chivalry on a first date and pay.

Contrary to popular belief, I think most men have it pretty tough these days: they must puzzle over what is and what isn’t socially acceptable when it comes to the opposite sex.

And if this happens to be a same-sex date – the person who initiated the date should pay.