The Great Debate: Which is better the petrol or electric car?

Electric car vs petrol cars.
Electric car vs petrol cars.

Each week we debate the topics that drive you nuts.


Max Wilson, Sales Manager

The thrill of a petrol engine is the feel of instant power and not the whirl of a blender.

Petrol engines have revolutionised the world.

How would we roll without petrol vehicles doing the heavy lifting?

Electric cars, for all their promise, are restricted due to cost, travel range, charging time and availabilities, and old fashioned grunt.

These cars are for the elite, not for all. Get a V8, high octane turbo, or fuel-efficient four-cylinder and stop driving like Miss Daisy.

PS: Please drive responsibly.


Guy Turner, Group Sales and Marketing Director

There’s a lot to love about EV driving… ignoring fuel discount cycles, the silent glide, access to lower interest ‘green’ car loans, the smugness of being an early adopter… and, oh yeah, the environmental benefits.

At a performance level, the EV’s instant torque means amazing nimbleness in city conditions.

Face it, in five years EVs will be the standard new car buy – heck, in 10 they’ll drive themselves.

Remember that feeling when you first upgraded your Nokia to an iPhone? Feel it again, get an EV!