Underground power naysayers could derail City of Nedlands campaign

Don't derail the City of Nedlands' underground power campaign please.
Don't derail the City of Nedlands' underground power campaign please.

I HAVE noticed a few articles in the Western Suburbs over the past few weeks and posters in Hollywood saying “vote no” on underground power in Hollywood.

There is even an email that asks residents not to reply to the survey on this matter.

Unfortunately, this could derail the City of Nedlands’ initiative to get underground power for the Hollywood ward. Unfortunately this campaign could taint the results of the questionnaire. The undergrounding of power in Hollywood is a priority for the City of Nedlands.

In the past undergrounding of power was 50 per cent externally funded and the rest was paid by the residents. The City of Nedlands has prudently tried to get this funding to progress this undergrounding of power program.

Alas, after much effort and heartache this source of vital and important funding has dried up so the City has taken the step to provide this funding.

This is a big first, as the City did not trump up any funds for any of the previous projects.

This means these residents will have this done with exactly the same conditions as all the areas already completed.

This means the cost will be 50 per cent funded with a $6000 to $8000 contribution from the residents.

Yes, this is a lot. But I do note when the initial project was done the median house price in Nedlands was $431,000 and now it is $1,485,000 (244 per cent increase). The cost of the initial program was around $3000.

Proportionally to property values it’s not be as bad as it looks. There will be many payment options when it comes around and one will be able to defer payment if needed.

I assure you all that the City is actively and positively progressing this issue. So basically you will not be paying $17,000 as implied in the posters. The City, if given the go ahead from the residents, will go out to a competitive tender that I am sure will come in at a figure more like $12,000 (residents’ contribution being around $6000).

Ring the City of Nedlands for further details.