Views against chemical spraying ignored

During the debate, Mayor Hipkins quoted Paris as having eliminated chemical spraying in that city. Nedlands achieved this years ago and has been the envy of many suburbs that still roll out chemical spraying of hard surfaces, to the anger of many residents.

Why then would seven councillors decide to question anecdotal evidence and research that has come to light in later years that shows adverse effects of this practice?

Why would these councillors ignore the fact that 92 per cent of surveyed Nedlands ratepayers have said loud and clear they do not want chemical spraying of their environment, not now, not ever?

One of Cr Weatherall’s arguments was that federal and state health departments get it right when advising on such issues: not so.

There are many cases when governments have had to rescind practices when they were later found to be dangerous to health.

After the Duggin Report that banned organochlorines’ use in and around the homes and elsewhere due to carcinogenicity and possible birth defects, Fiona Stanley had the humility to admit she had changed her stance on the safety of this practice.

Thank you to the six councillors who presented strong arguments and voted for the retention of non-chemical means of weed control.

Residents can avoid unwanted chemical spraying by ringing 9273 3500 and asking to be put on the register for no spraying.