Augmented Reality: view property details via facebook

The new augmented reality integrated signboard in Melville.
The new augmented reality integrated signboard in Melville.

FORGET QR codes and virtual reality, the latest tech to hit the real estate market is augmented reality (AR).

Realmark Urban property consultant Jon Williams is using an AR integrated signboard for a listing in Melville and said it was ground-breaking and a first for WA.

People wanting to know more about the property do not need to visit a website to view the listing they just need to access Facebook, point the camera at the signboard and view a range of information, including internal and aerial photos and features, presented by Mr Williams.

He said the technology had been around for a few years, but had been largely inaccessible due to ease of access and cost.

“Previous versions have either been proposals/concepts and had not been taken up by the market,” he said.

“Cost had been a major factor in making this viable and the fact that you had to download another app to your device.

“This tech has been launched by Facebook and is easily and widely accessible, and there is no need to download a special app that you may only use once or twice.”

Mr Williams said it was very affordable for agents who could decide how many properties they wanted to use the tech for and either pay a one-off fee or monthly fee if they wanted to use it regularly.

Agents could also update and change content over the course of the listing.

“It is the way of the future and doesn’t have to be limited to properties, it could also activate on business cards, flyers, posters, pictures,” he said.