Peppermint Grove an urban escape to the country

Peppermint Grove an urban escape to the country

SCOTT Fleay said Peppermint Grove was his escape to the country.

“I grew up in the country and Peppermint Grove has the feel of a country community,” he said.

“I like the peacefulness, the large blocks give you room to run around, and there is a degree of freedom for the kids.

“There are plenty of laneways for the kids to ride a bike, or where you can jog and you can walk to the river.”

The local community also adds to the country feel.

“Everyone looks after everyone else and even if you don’t know people directly, you know them through friends,” Mr Fleay said.

“You chat to people when you’re out walking, and in summer in our street, the kids play cricket in the street while the parents get together for a few drinks.”

He and his wife moved to Peppermint Grove 11 years ago.

“We built in Dalkeith when we got married but spent a lot of time in this area,” Mr Fleay said.

“My wife’s parents live in Cottesloe and she grew up in Mosman Park, so we sold our Dalkeith home and moved here.”

His passion for his community saw him nominate for a position on the local council seven years ago.

“It was the first election in a number of years and I wanted to see if I could make a difference,” Mr Fleay said.

“I was fortunate that other people who were elected at the same time were of a like mind.

“I think we’ve achieved a lot, our shire works well and we share resources with the other shires, to the benefit of our residents.” n