58 View Street, Peppermint Grove – Offers by September 19

58 View Street, Peppermint Grove – Offers by September 19

WHILE the owner initially purchased this property for convenience – she wanted to be closer to her daughter’s school – she has developed a deep love for the home.

She said the block was subdivided in 1929 and the original house built by Oscar Copley.

“The Copley family, who were pastoralists and one of the early Peppermint Grove families, lived in Forrest Street in a heritage-isted house, so we presume Oscar was their son,” she said.

“Hence the property is called ‘Copley On View’ to acknowledge the original owners.”

She and her husband bought the home in 2005 and took some time to get to know the property, what light it was in, what was important to keep and what was not before engaging Lendis Golic to renovate it and create a two-storey extension.

“I’m very much about conservation of the past; the house was about preserving family history, and creating our own,” the owner said.

“The brief was about returning everything to how it was originally built but adding a practical, contemporary extension to allow for all the family to live in and have friends over to entertain.”

The home’s exterior retains its period charm, with tuck-pointing, verandas and sash windows, and the spacious interior is elegantly luxurious.

While it is a magnificent residence with some amazing features, it has been very much a family home, with many fabulous memories created over the years.

The owner said every room was special, even the huge garage, which was her daughter’s playground in winter.

“We exercised the dog in it, with my daughter going around on her scooter,” she said.

“We also had many teenage get-togethers there with loud music – as it’s underground, the music doesn’t bother anyone – and had the St Hilda’s entire Year 12 graduation party in it. I am sure all those girls will remember it forever with a smile.

“And slide-night family picnics when it was cold; everyone brought their folding chairs and rugs and we had the picnic in the garage.”

Inside and out, the home is suited to formal and casual gatherings with an abundance of living spaces and outdoor areas.

“Friends love to stop by for a drink at the end of the long kitchen bench on the way home from work while I cook and entertain,” the owner said.

“The wine cellar had many, many wine and cheese nights where you have the ability to forget about the rest of the world.

“The alfresco area has a fireplace/Croatian barbecue; I love the look of a real fire and the alfresco breezeway shutters allowed the area to be an extension of the meals area and family room for large functions.”

The owner also enjoys a morning coffee on the veranda while people walk by and the sun comes through the peppermint trees, and evenings with a wine or whisky in the library watching the fire in the fireplace in winter, or a champagne in the living room with the doors open on to the front veranda, allowing the flow of people at a party and also opening the room to the outside while they sat inside.

And she recalls special occasion dinner parties and afternoon teas held in the dining room with the damask table cloth, Wedgewood, silver and crystal.

Even the front yard has hosted gatherings, including ball drinks and graduation parties, family reunions and an 18th birthday with a food truck and vintage caravan bar parked in the driveway and Mr Whippy at the front.

The owner said it was not just the family that had fond memories of the home.

“If you asked the 500 or more kids every year which is the best place to be at Halloween in Peppermint Grove, many of them would mention the house where the dry ice makes the stainless-steel water feature bubble away, or where they have to bob for an apple in blood and the witch gives away lollies,” she said.

The house has brought much happiness but now that their daughter has grown up and moved on, the owners feel it is time to travel and explore the world.

“It’s also time to create another smaller space and allow Copley On View to have another family enjoy the journey of growing up in a beautiful home in such a beautiful tree-lined area close to the river, ocean and schools,” the owner said.

58 View Street
Offers by September 19
Bedrooms: 4
Bathrooms: 5
Garage: 5+
Agency: Ray White Cottesloe-Mosman Park
Contact: Jody Fewster on 0414 688 988

58 View Street, Peppermint Grove WA, Australia