Property Exchange has scaly encounter

Property Exchange has scaly encounter

THE Property Exchange senior property manager Katie Dalton came face to face with a snake at a recent routine inspection.

However, it was not an unpleasant surprise: Fluffy is the tenant’s pet snake.

Mrs Dalton said it was not the first time she had come across a snake in her more than 10-year career in property management.

“While they are unusual, they do make good pets,” she said.

“They are compact and don’t require a lot of attention.”

Mrs Dalton said landlords did not need to feel squeamish about having a snake take up residence at their property – in fact, there were several advantages.

“When it comes to allowing pets, many landlords are worried about potential damage to the property, however this is extremely unlikely to occur with a snake,” she said.

“Plus, in most cases their food is kept in a freezer so is unlikely to attract vermin, they are not going to make noise and disturb neighbours, and they don’t need a lot of space.”

Mrs Dalton said in these cases tenants were still required to pay a pet bond and it was important to check they had the necessary licences. n