Sale of wife’s house lights real estate fire in Dean Bradley

Sale of wife’s house lights real estate fire in Dean Bradley

Dean Bradley

With many years of corporate sales experience behind him, he had been considering real estate for several years.

“I get a lot of personal satisfaction from achieving targets and delivering great outcomes for my clients,” he said.

“I had honed this skill in the corporate sales world, but I was seeking something more personal and meaningful.

“When my now wife and I were looking to sell her property, we were struggling to find an agent who we felt struck the balance between passion and skill and I decided it was time to go out and follow my passion.”

Mr Bradley started his career in 2005 and said the impact of digital and social media, and therefore the information that buyers and sellers have access to, had been significant.

“Buyers and sellers now have even more access to people’s perceptions and opinions,” he said.

“This has been of great benefit in marketing properties but has also presented challenges when it comes to working with clients and encouraging properly informed decision making.”

Regardless of the advances in technology and their applications to marketing, it was still people who mattered.

“One thing that has not changed is this is a people business,” Mr Bradley said.

“No matter what noise happens around the relationship, it remains true that real estate is about forming trusted relationships with your clients.

“These are not one-off or transactional, but rather long-term partnerships that may have periods of hiatus but ultimately, you hope that the service you have provided and results you have achieved with them means that they refer you and keep using you into the future.”

Mr Bradley has built a long and successful career in Wembley and surrounding suburbs, an area he knows well and loves.

He is a passionate member of the local community.

“One of the things I enjoy most about this job is being able to immerse myself in the community and be a part of a community where I can make difference to people’s lives,” Mr Bradley said. n