Summit Home Improvements’ Wembley reno adds second storey to 1930s home

The Wembley home with a second-storey extension by Summit Home Improvements.
The Wembley home with a second-storey extension by Summit Home Improvements.

THE need to accommodate a growing family sees many home owners buy a new home and move, however a renovation could let them stay in the area they love.

This was the case for Mark and Fiona Stupples who wanted to future-proof their home of seven years for their young family.

They initially planned to add a laundry and bathroom to the character Wembley residence.

The Essex Street home before the renovation.

After meeting with Summit Home Improvements design consultant Angelo Tomassone, they realised adding a second storey would better suit their needs.

“We had a look at what else could be flexible; we wanted to make use of our current loft space and then Angelo said, ‘you’d be better off just going up’,” Mrs Stupples said.

“We started looking at different plans and ideas and thought ‘we could put ourselves upstairs’ and then we thought ‘we’ll put the kids, who have lots of energy to run up the stairs, upstairs’.

“These days children live with their parents for many years, often into adulthood, so we wanted to create an area that would give them space now and for the many years to come.”

The 83sq m extension had to be sympathetic to the home’s 1930s charm while creating a seamless flow and bringing in light.

Zoning living spaces for the Stupples’ two children, eight year-old Ben and five year-old Sophie, has been a great success with the loft area not only serving as a storage space, but a den for Ben as well.

The project was completed in under three months.

“With this home extension, we were able to build the upper floor onsite in a controlled environment in our purpose-built factory in Myaree,” Mr Tomassone said.

“And once complete it was simply transported to site and secured to the existing home which meant the actual time spent on site was a little over five weeks.

“The transformations are amazing and they can attract a big audience on the day they are installed.

“It is a truly magical moment watching our clients’ home get transformed in such a short period of time.”

Mr and Mrs Stupples are delighted with the end result, which has given them plenty of extra living space and allowed them to stay in their beloved neighbourhood.

“We are just walking around thinking, ‘this is what we had always wanted’,” Mrs Stupples said.

“We’ve got a beautiful home in a beautiful suburb – what more could you want?”

The renovation has generated a lot of positive local interest and the family have decided to open it to the public to showcase the result.

The home at 114 Essex Street, Wembley will be open for viewings throughout November, Saturdays and Sundays 1-4pm.