Tips for a long and successful career in real estate

Tips for a long and successful career in real estate

This is not a nine-to-five, five-day-a-week profession. It takes a long time to gain the training and experience you need to succeed. However, if you are prepared to work hard and always provide a consistent level of service, the potential rewards are great.

Enzo Pagnozzi

Principal, Growth Realty

Love what you do, you have to work long hours in this industry and if you do not love it, it shows.

Jody Fewster

Licensed agent, Acton Cottesloe

The only thing that buyers and sellers care about is good, old-fashioned service. You need to be committed to looking after them and be in constant communication.

Simon McGrath

Principal, Abel McGrath – The Property People Claremont

Work hard and improve your skills through constant training.

Bev Heymans

Director, Acton Cottesloe

Ensure you have a good support network around you and that you are clear in your goals.

Dean Bradley

Director, Peard Real Estate Leederville

Work with someone who is really successful and assist them so that you get trained up in the field. Do not go it alone, as it takes a long time to build up a reputation and most agents give up before they get anywhere near that point.

Niki Peinke

Director, The Property Exchange

Real estate is always challenging for a new entrant and requires a huge amount of resilience and perseverance – remaining focused on my clients and their goals has enabled me to work through the more difficult periods.

Michelle Kerr

Property consultant, Abel McGrath – The Property People Claremont

Real estate is not as easy as it looks. If you are thinking about a career, be prepared to give up just about every day of every week of the years, and if you cannot take rejection on a daily basis, or do not have at least a year of savings behind you, then maybe do not put yourself through it.

Pete Clements

Director, Mint Real Estate

I have a philosophy that says “To get what you want, help others get what they want”. My clients’ needs come before mine.

Adrian Abel

Director, Abel McGrath – The Property People Subiaco and Leederville

Listening skills are essential, as are negotiating skills to close a deal, and the ability to work long hours to get the deal done.

Deborah Brady

Sales executive, Acton Cottesloe

Consider your work ethic and hunger to succeed. If you have a hunger to succeed, and you are prepared to do whatever it takes, you will make it.

Justin Wallace

Director, Wallace Real Estate