Valento Residences sees Danny Psaros cater for high-end of the market

Valento Residences sees Danny Psaros cater for high-end of the market

AFTER many years focusing on apartment developments, Perth developer Danny Psaros has launched a new home building company.

Building his own Mykonos-inspired residence in City Beach in 2014reignited his passion for luxury homes and he has launched Valento Residences by Danny Psaros to cater for the high-end market.

“My career in the construction industry began in architecture,” Mr Psaros said.

“This background in design fuelled my desire to not just see a drawing become reality, but to make it happen.

“Building the design was the next logical step in the process so in 1983 I became a registered builder and launched Psaros, going on to build hundreds of homes in the western suburbs prior to moving into apartment development which the company is mainly known for now”.

Even while the apartment development side of his business bloomed, Mr Psaros’ passion for home building never died, and he still made time to build for a select group of clients.

Now, after numerous requests, he has introduced Valento Residences to meet this demand.

Despite the general perception that the luxury building market was languishing, Mr Psaros said current conditions offered an incredible opportunity to buy or build and they were experiencing a high level of enquiry.

“I find the higher end doesn’t watch market boundaries,” he said.

“They have the funds and when they want a home, they want it built well and quickly.

“To illustrate that point, we are currently negotiating on homes between $2 million and $15 million, so the demand is there.”

Delivering a quality home in an optimum timeframe is a point of difference for Valento Residences.

“We build extremely quickly, we don’t take three to four years to complete a large, luxury home,” Mr Psaros said.

“My own home was completed in 12 months by the same team that comprises Valento – as a team were are experienced at achieving short time frames without compromising on quality.

“Another point of difference is the team’s strong architectural background, this means we can translate the more complex design aspects from concept to reality.”

Always quick to identify emerging property trends, Mr Psaros expects trends in apartment building to start to crossover into home building.

“Our apartment development company has a strong focus on sustainability,” he said.

“It is easy to see that this is the way forward in both residential and commercial building and will very soon be the new normal.

“Sustainable features like solar power, solar passive design, water efficiency, geo thermal and energy efficient lighting are all gaining prominence in the luxury market, as is the use of recycled materials.

Mr Psaros practises what he preaches and his City Beach residence has a solar passive design, 37 solar panels and eight PV storage batteries.

“We run the underfloor hearting and airconditioning off the solar power and have reduced our power bill and impact on the environment dramatically,” he said.

“There is a retractable roof over the north facing courtyard and we can open it and let the house heat up naturally.

“We also have 90-year old recycled grey ironbark timber from the storm-damaged Barwon Bridge in Victoria.

‘A luxury builder like no other’, Valento Residences do not have display homes, but will arrange for clients to view homes they have previously built.

“I sit down with people have a chat about what they want, what they like, help select an architect and can then show them a house,” Mr Psaros said.

“Having built over 475 luxury homes over the years, we have something we can show them that suits their style.”

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