Video for ‘renovate or detonate’ Daglish home leads to quick sale

Video for ‘renovate or detonate’ Daglish home leads to quick sale

If there was an Oscar for real estate film making, surely Growth Realty principal Enzo Pagnozzi would be one of the main contenders.

Once again, his “tell it like it is” approach has seen a Daglish property that might be difficult to sell snapped within a week of hitting the market.

The 1930s home at 3 Stubbs Terrace was in desperate need of renovation, and was due to go to auction on March 9.

Mr Pagnozzi said there was no way the property could be “glamified” and it really lent itself to showing “warts and all”.

“When I first saw the house I got very excited about the property and the style of video that I believed would be ideal to market it to achieve a successful sale,” he said.

“But as the house was to be sold under the instructions of the Public Trustee, they wanted to see the video first to approve it so it was a slight risk, thankfully, they enjoyed it and agreed, giving it their seal of approval.”

The “gourmet” kitchen.

Mr Pagnozzi said the prior to marketing the property, the Public Trustee asked what should be done to improve the home to make it more presentable.

“The answer was very simple, nothing,” he said

“It was a borderline renovation or demolition and leaving it as it was would appeal to both markets.

“I felt confident there would be strong interest in the property.”

Mr Pagnozzi said he had had very good feedback on the video, which he sent out to his database before the first home open, and it had very good traction.

“I had a lot of buyers through the home open and the comments from those who saw the video was it was a lot of fun and truly reflected the property,” he said.

A “beautiful” bathroom.

The video quickly got a result.

“The Saturday after the home open, one of the buyers who received my email alert rang me and said they wanted to submit an offer,” he said.

“They were not interested in looking at the property as they wanted to demolish and build a new home.

“They had been looking in the area for some time due to the Shenton College school catchment area and felt that after what they had seen, this would suit them best.

“Their offer was accepted on the following Tuesday.”

If you like the location but find the idea of a significant renovation daunting Mr Pagnozzi is also selling neighbouring 5 Stubbs Terrace, which requires no work at all.