Western suburbs agents have strong impact on market

Western suburbs agents have strong impact on market

THE western suburbs has an abundance of highly successful real estate agents, from those whose careers have spanned decades to others who are relative newcomers, but have had a strong impact on the market.

They all came to real estate from different backgrounds: one was a fitter and turner, another is a qualified psychologist.

Some are known for their quirky or prominent marketing or strong community support, while others have introduced new marketing tools or mentoring programs.

They have seen the advent of the internet, the demise of black and white photocopied, hand-written brochures, a growth in property styling, and improved marketing techniques.

One thing they all have in common is a genuine desire to help people and a commitment to providing a high level of service.

They agree that real estate is a people industry, hard work and perseverance are required to succeed and it is beneficial to find a mentor to help guide you when starting a career.

In the following pages we bring you the stories behind these successful agents in our Industry Icons and Idols feature.

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