Zorzi Builders has grown from humble beginnings in 1956

Corrado Zorzi (right) founded Zorzi Builders in 1956.
Corrado Zorzi (right) founded Zorzi Builders in 1956.

TEN years may seem like a long time to some, but it is a drop in the ocean for Zorzi Builders.

From humble beginnings in 1956, it celebrated its 60th anniversary in 2016.

The company was founded by Corrado Zorzi and it has been a true family affair. His sons Wally and Eric started working with him when they were young, taking over the business when he retired.

In more recent years it has expanded from building the luxury homes it is known for to being a multi-faceted group, covering most demographics and specialising in opulent luxury homes and commercial construction.

As the business grew so too did the team, but managing director Wally Zorzi said in many ways it still very much operated like an extended family business.

“All managers at Zorzi have been with the company for over 20 years, so our growth and expansion has been driven more so by a process of evolution than by a corporate mandate,” he said.

The company’s family approach extends to its clients and the tradespeople it works with.

“The most satisfying aspect of my journey has been the relationships that have been established and the number of clients that have returned,” Mr Zorzi said.

“Clients we have built for have gone on to build not only another home or two but have also returned to build for their children who are now married with kids, the same children I recall playing on the kitchen floor as we developed the plans for the first home 15-20 years prior.

“One client we have is 82 and is coming back for her fifth build with us, this time for her grandchildren.

“As a company we have also been fortunate that we have trades and artisans who have been with us for generations and that passion for excellence has been passed on to their sons and daughters who now work with us.”

The past 10 years has seen some outstanding milestones and achievements for the company.

“We moved into our purpose built, multi-level headquarters in the Herdsman Business Park,” Mr Zorzi said.

“We wanted a location that was central to our clients, suppliers and trades, as well as enabling us to consolidate our business from various areas in Perth.

“The new property has enabled us to expand our property development capacity which, like all of our expansion, has been driven by client request and feedback.

“This is a very exciting, new business model for the brand.”

Zorzi Builders is one of Australia’s most awarded builders, winning multiple awards for excellence in construction as well as restoration and renovation.

“One recent special project was the restoration and renovation of Le Fanu, a home initially built in 1890 in Cottesloe,” Mr Zorzi said.

“This project went on to win the 2015 MBA WA and Australian best alteration and addition award.”

Mr Zorzi said many things made Zorzi Builders special, enabling it to stand the test of time.

“We have had decades of consistent success, navigating and thriving in all economic climates through a very disciplined approach which has been installed into the business since the beginning,” he said.

“Apart from quality and the depth of combined experience in the company that we have accumulated over the years, one of our main points of difference is that each client deals with the owners of the business and is treated personally before, during or long after the home is built.

“I think people are genuinely surprised, in a good way, to discover that while Zorzi has a certain high-end brand image, when they get to meet the people behind that image they realise we are a very grounded and down to earth team that are more like family than a corporate entity.
“That family approach is what drives passion, pride and a never-ending pursuit of excellence throughout all aspects of the company.”