Investing in Aboriginal art ensures Dreamtime lives on, says OzBid Auctions head of art

Bob Gibson Tjungarrayi and his work Walatu meaning My Country
Bob Gibson Tjungarrayi and his work Walatu meaning My Country

INVESTING in Aboriginal art goes beyond buying a valuable piece of artwork.

According to OzBid Auctions head of art Giovanna Fragomeli, investing in Aboriginal art goes a long way to ensuring Dreamtime stories live on in Australian culture.

“I believe that Australians should all own a piece of Aboriginal art,” Ms Fragomeli said.

“Our indigenous culture is the oldest surviving culture in the world and by supporting Aboriginal artists their Dreamtime stories will live on.”

OzBid Auctions will feature renowned local and award winning Canning Stock Route artists Bob Gibson Tjungarrayi, Gracie Ward Napaltjarri and Yinarupa Nangala in and upcoming auction this month.

Ms Fragomeli said the Canning Stock Route artists represented some of the most highly sought after Aboriginal artists in the market.

The artists are from communities that were created around the waterholes that were used for the Canning Stock Route in the Kimberly region.

OzBid Auctions directors Giovanna Fragomeli and Avdo Tabakovic awarded Champion Indigenous Business 2017

Born in 1974, Bob Gibson Tjungurrayi is the son of renowned artist Mary Gibson and comes from the Bore 33 community, named because it is the 33rd waterhole along the route.

“We have some really special artworks by Bob Gibson Tjungarrayi that reflect his home land, the waterholes and his county Bore 33,” Ms Fragomeli said.

“Also among the mix we have some stunning artworks by National Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Art Award finalist Yinarupa Nangala from Kiwirrkura.”

OzBid runs a unique business model with auctions held around Australia and online.

“We believe that art should be affordable; there is no need to pay those crazy high street prices when you can buy the same quality of art at auction at up to 70 per cent off,” Ms Fragomeli said.

“Usually people come to our auctions looking to buy one piece of art and leave with about three or four, it is a really enjoyable day for all.”

The winner of the 2017 Small Business Champion Awards – Indigenous Business, OzBid is honoured to be recognised for its continuing work with Indigenous communities nationwide.

The auction takes place on Sunday, February 25, starting 1pm with viewings from 11.30am, at Sea View Golf Club, 2 Jarrad Street, Cottesloe.