Climber eyeing new heights

Martin Kuhnel is excelling in rock-climbing |competitions.
Martin Kuhnel is excelling in rock-climbing |competitions.

In the lead-up to the nationals, he also came second in the Victorian Bouldering State Championship and in the ACT Bouldering Championship.

The 15-year-old said he took up the sport six years ago and his achievements include winning this year’s Queensland State Lead Championship, last year’s Australian Lead Nationals and finishing ninth in sport climbing in the US Nationals.

‘There are three different competition styles: sometimes it’s how high you get, sometimes how fast and sometimes it’s how many climbs you can do and how hard they are,’ Martin said.

‘My favourite is probably how high you get. I feel happy that I made it up here, that I did this hard climb.

‘I would like to climb in the Olympics if it makes it in, so that would be fun. It was in the eight that were considered for the 2020 Olympics.’