Gilmour has no beef with sailing

PETER Gilmour and his wife Christine moved 21 times following the America’s Cup tour after leaving Perth in 1987.

The Mosman Park couple had three sons during their travels that had them call places such as Sydney, Yokohama, Seattle, Auckland and Switzerland home.

So it is no wonder David, Sam and Lachlan have achieved their own success in the sport of sailing.

David (24) is in the Australian sailing team, Sam (22) won a wildcard to the World Match Racing Tour this year and Lachlan (18) has a sailing scholarship with the WA Institute of Sport.

Sam was shortlisted for the WA Sports Federation Sports Star of the Year, which Peter won in 1987.

Peter said racing in the America’s Cup in Fremantle that year contributed to him winning the main prize.

“That particular year we won seven of the eight events on the world tour when it was just a group of individual events,” he said.

Peter said the sport of sailing had changed since the 1980s.

“The big difference from that era of the America’s Cup was it was in Fremantle and was front and back page of the paper but now other sports have taken over and become mainstream,” he said. “The skill of these guys now is way, way better.

“They’re far more accomplished sailors. When my sons need sparring partners, they usually get the better of me.”

Since retiring from sailing three years ago, Peter has taken a more active role on his family’s Wagyu beef farm in Albany.

Peter said the farm had been in his family for 40 years and they started producing Wagyu 10 years ago.

He spends about 10 days a month on the farm and then markets the product interstate and overseas.