Netball WA No Limits Program members to play in round robin

Netball WA No Limits Program members to play in round robin

NEXT term, these members of the Netball WA No Limits program will be playing in a round robin competition.

Most of the players have been part of the program, which is designed for teenagers with an intellectual disability, since last year and have developed the skills to take part in regular games.

One Netball co-ordinator Caitlin Farano said the girls had demonstrated a significant improvement in their skills since starting the program.

“In term three we’ll have a round robin competition so they can develop the skills to play every week,” Farano said.

“Socially the girls are engaging a lot more and are involved with each other outside of the program now.”

Mercedes College student Mia Devilee started the program last year.

The aspiring goal shooter from Yokine said she enjoyed netball because “she got to play as a team”.

No Limits was launched in Rockingham in 2014 and was expanded to the State Netball Centre last year.

West Coast Fever players Shae Brown and April Brandley champion the program hosting several of the coaching sessions.

“Having the players here makes a huge difference,” Farano said.

“They get so awe-struck when the girls come down.

“Mitch Brown comes down too… it’s so nice to have people take time out of their schedule for the girls.”

The aim of the program is to link participants with a netball club or team so they can play regularly.

This year, there will be a No Limits division at the Association Championships where players could be selected to represent WA at the Marie Little Shield, a national tournament for players with an intellectual disability.