No surprises as teens get to grips with international rivals

Players Alon Ridgard (14), Jack Bardsley (15) and Teo Brown (15).
Players Alon Ridgard (14), Jack Bardsley (15) and Teo Brown (15).

The group of 16 teenagers will be one of 2500 teams at the Gothia Cup the world�s biggest soccer tournament and will be watched by more than 50,000 people at the opening ceremony.

Captain Jack Bardsley (15) said he was looking forward to playing against some of the best teams in the world.

�We�ve seen videos of some of the other teams and we�ve heard from our coach that the quality of play will be high, so it will be quite tough,� Bardsley said.

He said the experience would be good bonding for the National Premier Leagues team that is based at Rosalie Park.

It will cost $6000 each for the team and four adults, including coach Gerry McEwan, to attend the tour, so the club is seeking sponsorship and hosting several fundraising events.

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