Sam Mitchell to be an Eagle until at least 2020

Sam Mitchell to be an Eagle until at least 2020

SAM Mitchell has revealed he has signed a four-year deal with the West Coast Eagles.

The precise duration of Mitchell’s contract had not been specified, but the 34-year-old said in an interview with Melbourne radio station 3AW that he would be with the Eagles until 2020.

How long he will spend as a player, however, is open to discussion.

“I’ve signed a contract with West Coast for four years,” Mitchell said.

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“However that ends up with playing and coaching, who knows?

“I might hurt myself tomorrow and it’ll be four years of coaching or I might play for three years and do one year of coaching.”

“I’m pretty open to all those things.

“I’m sure we’ll get to round 18 or round 20 and whether I play or coach next year will be on the table to discuss then behind closed doors.”