Perth Zoo’s new tree kangaroo joey starting to explore

New Goodfellow’s tree kangaroo Haroli eats while in his mother Doba’s pouch.

THE Perth Zoo has a new attraction that is both very small and pretty adorable.

Haroli, the Goodfellow’s tree kangaroo, has just started to emerge from his mother Doba’s pouch after he was born the size of a jellybean in July 2016.

His birth follows the arrival of Mian, Haroli’s half-brother, whose arrival last year made him the first tree kangaroo joey born at the zoo in 36 years.

Perth Zoo keeper Kerry Pickles said Haroli weighed about 500g and had only just started to poke his head out more frequently.

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“We are expecting him to come out his mother’s pouch in the next few weeks,” she said.

“He’s certainly having a good time at the moment and he’s starting to become inquisitive and braver.

“He’s eating leaves just like in the wild but he’ll also get fruit and vegetables each day.”

Ms Pickles said the tree kangaroo names at the zoo were based on provinces and tribes in their native Papua New Guinea.

“Haroli is a tribe in his natural home, just like his father Huli, while his mother Doba already had her name when she came here,” she said.

“To have a second birth within such a short time frame is a wonderful contribution to the World Zoo Association global breeding program and very good for us at Perth Zoo.”