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Swing into Perth Zoo these winter school holidays to celebrate an abundance of birthdays and births for our closest relatives in the animal kingdom, the primates.

The Zoo’s most recent arrival can be spotted at the top of the Asian Rainforest, a critically endangered White-cheeked Gibbon baby born in May. The golden bundle of joy will spend the first few months of life wrapped securely in its mother, Jermei’s arms, camouflaged against her matching hair. To help them blend into their wild forest habitats, this species goes through a striking colour change as they get older, turning black before the females return to blond.

Perth Zoo is one of only three zoos in the region breeding this gibbon, safeguarding them against extinction. We also work with Fauna and Flora International to protect habitat at Pu Mat National Park, Vietnam.

Visitors can also follow the interactive trail to meet some of the other primates celebrating birthdays this season. Along the Zoo’s Orangutan Boardwalk, look up high to see the inquisitive orangutan that has reached a significant milestone. Sumatran Orangutan, Utama, just turned 40-years-old. She can often be seen keeping a watchful eye on her surroundings, and if you spot her tapping her feet it’s a good sign that she is very happy.

On the Primate Trail there is one birthday girl that really stands out from the crowd, Cotton-top Tamarin, Ophelia. The ten-year-old monkey shares her exhibit with four Pygmy Marmosets, much smaller in size. While the social species don’t share a habitat in the wild, they get along splendidly at the Zoo. Ophelia was introduced to the marmosets when her mate passed away, and it didn’t take long for her tiny roommates to accept her as one of their own.

The primate party doesn’t have to end when the school term begins, young visitors will get to leave a lasting impression at the Zoo, with a collaborative artwork being created in the ‘Wild Zone’.

A special primate installation will be painted with visitor handprints throughout the winter holidays. The completed work will then be featured on the Primate Trail so visitors can see their art exhibited when they return to the Zoo. In the Wild Zone, children will write postcards to the primates, letting them know how they will ‘lend a hand’ to help the species. There is plenty to see and enjoy at Perth Zoo these winter school holidays, so join the fun and get to know the lemurs, apes and monkeys a little better.

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We are giving you the chance to WIN one of 85 family passes (valid for four people) to Perth Zoo!

Competition closes at 10am on Tuesday 2 July, 2019.