Win a family pass to Perth Zoo

Expect the unexpected at Perth Zoo these Spring school holidays with wild surprises planned to make each visit memorable.

Throughout the Zoo there will be extra activities for the animals, from the fantastically fierce lions in the African Savannah to the otter-ly adorable Asian Small-clawed Otters – who have recently welcomed three adorable pups!

Zoo visitors may be able to see how the Galapagos Tortoises make eating veggies fun, Dingo siblings, Daku and Mirri out for a walk, the rhinos rolling in the mud or watch the playful antics of ‘Lulani’,  the baby gibbon as she explores her rainforest home.

As the weather warms up, there are also lots of little wallabies surprising zoo-goers as they pop their heads out of pouches to get their first look at the world.

Perth Zoo’s Director of Community Engagement, Claire Wright said: “With more than 1300 animals in our care, there is a surprise in store around every corner of the Zoo – no two days are ever the same for the people or animals.”

“We are always trying to create new ways for Zoo visitors to have magical moments that spark a love for wildlife, and these school holidays will be no exception.”

Lucky visitors will be greeted by some of the Zoo’s beloved scaly mates as keepers roam with them giving guests a close-up experience like never-before. Look out for tortoises, lizards and other slithering surprises.

When the weather warms up, snakes become more active in the wild, but don’t be alarmed if you see an emergency vehicle parked on the Zoo’s main lawn. During the holidays St John Ambulance and Perth Zoo Keepers will be helping you become ‘snake ready’ with snake bite education and first aid demonstrations.

Zoo visitors will also be able to become code breakers by following the discovery trail around the Zoo to decipher astonishing fauna facts. Find out which animal in the Savannah sees extremely well in the dark and which animal in the Asian Rainforest can hear a whisper from up to 15 kms away.

In the Wild Zone younger visitors will be able to help prepare mystery boxes for the animals filled with items to engage their senses. Or listen out for surprising sounds and test your nose at the smelling station with a variety of Zoo scents.

The Spring holidays are the perfect opportunity for visitors to be amazed as they unravel the mysteries of the animal kingdom at Perth Zoo.

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We are giving you the chance to WIN one of 85 family passes (valid for two adults and two children) to visit Perth Zoo!

Competition closes at 10am on Thursday 19 September, 2019.