Colin Ebsworth – Jokes Magotes

Colin Ebsworth – Jokes Magotes

He’s one of the countries most prolific young comics returning for his fifth new hour of standup premiering at FRINGE WORLD. After multiple sellout runs and setting the record for being the only comic in the country to debut two new hours at the festival and selling them out back to back he’s bringing the laughs again with ‘Jokes Magotes’.

He’s performed around the country, headlining W.A’s own Rottofest and on the ABC as a Raw Comedy Finalist.

His material’s been featured around the country even being handpicked for shows like Melbourne’s own prestigious Comedy Zone and the Melbourne and Sydney Comedy festival roadshows.

This year he’s gone bigger and better than ever.

No songs, no dances, no slideshows, no padding.

Just one hour of comedy, all killer no filler.

75 Stirling St, Perth, WA, 6000, Australia