Dark Night & Marvellous Moon Stargazing Nights

Photo: Facebook
Photo: Facebook

Dark Night Stargazing evenings show off our galaxy, the Milky Way, at its best! Plus gives you a chance to see fainter more distant objects with the added bonus of the moon rising later in the session. 2 hour session.

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Dark Night Stargazing evenings show off the Milky Way Galaxy at its best!

Depending on conditions your evening will start with a laser pointer tour through the naked eye objects by one of our astronomers highlighting those constellations visible on the night.

You will then have the chance to get an even closer look through our telescopes.

On these dark nights distant star clusters, nebula and galaxies can be seen through the telescopes at The Space Place Observatory.

Then later in the evening up pops the moon.

Want to learn more about astronomy? Why not purchase a Star Disc? This is an easy way to start identifying the stars in the night sky.

Why not make a weekend of it.

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The Space Place Observatory, Howard Road, Julimar, Western Australia, Australia