Christmas Greetings from the Front at ANZAC Cottage

“ I have much pleasure in writing to thank you for your kindness in sending a Christmas billy to
an Australian soldier. The billy was practically the only reminder we had that it was Christmas
time, and it was all the more acceptable for this as well as for what it contained. The pudding
made it really seem like Christmas, especially as it was the first taste of plum pudding I have
had since I first came into camp.” So wrote Private J Clayton of the 8th reinforcements as he
opened his Christmas billy in December 1915.

The Open Day “Christmas Greetings from the Front” at ANZAC Cottage on Sunday, December
3 will be dedicated to those, like Private Clayton who were so far from home on this
significant day of the year. The “Christmas Greetings from the Front” talks will be presented
by the Friends of ANZAC Cottage at 1:30pm and 2:45pm and will feature extracts from letters
and cards written by the servicemen and women revealing their thoughts and longing for

The Cottage, situated at 38 Kalgoorlie Street, Mt Hawthorn, will be open from 1pm to 4pm on
This day and entry is free. Afternoon tea will be available for a gold coin donation.

For more information please contact Friends of ANZAC Cottage through Anne Chapple on
email: or call 0411 44 55 82.

ANZAC Cottage, Kalgoorlie Street, Mount Hawthorn, Western Australia, Australia